Shop Smart at Farmers' Markets

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I was a co-founder of the first Farmer's Market in The Farmington Valley.

What a great way to shop, meet your neighbors, support local businesses and have a great time!

Below are some tips for your best shopping experience!

Bring a cooler and bags!

Talk to the vendors about their products!

Try new things! 

Buy only the amount you can use in a short period of time!

Handle produce gently to reduce bruising. Bacteria can thrive in the bruised areas!

When buying cut produce, keep it cold during transport and refrigerate when you get home!

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before handling produce!

Wash all fruits and vegetables with cool running tap water right before eating. (Don't use dish soap or detergent)!

Be sure to tell the vendors how much you liked their products!